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Hello to you all WordPress Admins, out there!

Vagabond Labs team is really happy to announce the release of the second update of Adminyo, we are at 1.2b.

With this occasion, besides small code problems, we have made a few great new tools.

Manage your WordPress better & faster using Adminyo Plugin, become 100% more efficient.


What’s New


Go to Top or Bottom of the page with Floating Action Button

Besides the normal actions, Now you can scroll to Bottom of the page. When you hover your mouse over the scroll to top icon, the scroll to bottom icon appears next to it giving you the option to scroll to the bottom of the page. It also supports Smooth Scroll now :). This tool got born due to a special request from our friend Randy Brown from


Sort your Pins on the Dashboard by Type or Search them by Title

When you have pinned multiple post types on your Dashboard, and the list gets big, you can now use the new Sort Pins option. You can use the given filter or you can search by title.


Now you can easily see your custom post type, Last Modified Date

When you work with a lot of posts or pages and you have them all pinned to your dashboard, it can be hard to identify the last post you have worked on. Now you can use the info button and the last modified date will be displayed.

Now that we seen the new stuff, i would like to make you a short reminder with the tools from Adminyo’s Tool Box: